[IceCTF] So Close – Pwn85


Yet so far :(
/home/so_close on the shell.

I’m starting to study pwn so this challenge took me a lot of time.
To solve this, i’ll talk about two steps: Continue reading

[IceCTF] ImgBlog – Web130


I found this amazing blog about Iceland! Did I ever tell you that I love Iceland? It seems to be made from scratch by a single guy although being impressive, he doesn’t seem too have much experience with web programming. Can you see if you can find any vulnerabilites to pwn his machine?

This is nice website, first we have to login to access some function of it.
This chall is about 2 stage: Continue reading

[IceCTF] Geocities – Web100


I recently stumbled onto this old http://geocities.vuln.icec.tf/ site, it’s a miracle that it’s still up! It must be running some ancient technology and probably hasn’t been updated in years, it’s our lucky day boys!

Messing around and thinking about the description:

It must be running some ancient technology and probably hasn't been updated in years

So i decided to find popular vulnerable 1-2 years ago and found it. It’s SHELLSHOCK! Continue reading